19 de novembro de 2012

Voice Memo With Benefits

Vmo is quite a clever way of combining Voice Memos with QR Codes and Smartphones. Basically its a way to mark and capture data, be it voice or visual, and then revisit it at a later date. Essentially this means, if you are in class and taking notes, you may also want to record the lecture, so you tab and the recording using a supplied QR Code Sticker (that nestles sweetly in an allocated space in the smaprtphone jacket), scanning the code and readily accessing it later. The video below explains it all.

The designers explain, “The market strategy is to set a range of Vmo sticker prices depending on the file size (i.e. length of voice recording). In a nutshell, we actually sell the web space bit by bit, which store the info or voice on the net. Cloud service plays the main role behind the scene. We view cloud service as a potential market. Focus on realizing users’ dreams and let them “taste” vocal memories wherever they are, whenever they want by means of cloud service connection. Vmo is not merely an amazing product design but a whole new cloud service design strategy.”


  • Step 1: Write the info on the Vmo.

  • Step 2: Stick Vmo on your stuff.

  • Step 3: Record the voice and scan the code.

Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee, Chan Wai Yeh & Prof. Ching-Hsing Luo


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