3 de novembro de 2012

Paws Stay Warm While Smartphoning

True, the downside to touchscreen phones are inclement weather patterns causing havoc on your hands but at least your mitts can stay stylishly warm thanks to Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves. No, they’re not the only smartphone friendly gloves on the market but they come by way of the Dutchies and those people live in pretty cold conditions, not to mention being neighbors to the coldest of the cold – Scandinavians, so I believe them when they say they’ve perfected it.

“We’ve tested miles of yarn to come up with improved anti-pilling properties and literally spent hour’s texting in an icebox. The result is an optimized balance of insulation, conductivity and elasticity. After numerous requests for different colors, the gloves are now available in natural gray, sandstone, lavender and coral pink.”

Holiday gift anyone? Holiday gift for moi? Thanks, appreciate it. Cheers!

Designer: Mujjo $32


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