21 de novembro de 2012

Green Lantern channeled for bicycle security

If you equate cosmic superhero power with the right-now technology of Bluetooth, designer Hsu Wei-Che has the bike lock for you. Made specifically for short-term parking, this lock attaches to the spokes of your bicycle when you’re going to head into a convenience store (or whatever other short trip you’re on) and notifies you of movement via a fabulous green sensor ring. The power is yours!

Hsu Wei-Che wants to alleviate you of some of the stress that comes with worrying about your bike by making the process of locking it up not just easy, but entertaining as well. This product also works as a lamp when you’re not just using it for security, and the sensor ring you’ll be using will make you the belle of the ball at your local 7-11.

Designer: Hsu Wei-Che


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