29 de agosto de 2012

Making ‘Make Do and Mend’ Fashionable

I have my moments of fighting the needle and thread, trying to mend some ripped clothes, but they always seem to get the better of me. Simply put I HATE mending clothes and much rather replace them with new than pick and odd stitch. I know its wasteful, but unless someone makes it easy for me…simple as the Alto Sewing Machine, I ain’t fixing another ripped stitch!

As the designer explains, “to simplify threading, a metal guide runs from reel to needle for the user to follow. Speed is controlled by pressing with the fingers through the fabric and the patented force sensor technology in a rubber foot underneath the machine allows the beginner to control speed from whichever hand position they find most comfortable. A flexible drive shaft replaces the traditional pulley system to form Alto’s distinctive arch, increasing room for the fabric and improving visibility of the sewing area.”

Designer: Sarah Dickins


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