16 de agosto de 2012


The MEMOME is a USB stick with an e-ink display that automatically updates as to what files the stick holds. Almost like a digital post-it, the drive is designed to fit your style and keep you in the loop with regards to file and memory information. Love the thoughtful curve on one side, which makes it easy to pick up and grab the stick in a jiffy.

MEMOME is a 2012 iF Design Talents entry.

Designer: Jui-Min Huang


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(E-Post-it! was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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via Yanko Design http://da.feedsportal.com/c/34499/f/628981/s/22673004/l/0L0Syankodesign0N0C20A120C0A80C150Ce0Epost0Eit0C/ia1.htm