12 de junho de 2012

Cool Xyloband LED Bracelets Turn the Audience into a Giant, Synchronized Display. No Panic Necessary Cool (author unknown)


The days of thousands of concertgoers all holding lit cigarette lighters aloft are long gone. In those days, the worst thing that could happen to you is you'd accidentally burn your thumb after letting that metal heat up for the entire duration of "Stairway to Heaven." But yesterday morning a British newspaper reported, in an alarmist tone, that there are problems with the lighter's modern-day successors.

Coldplay has recently been using Xylobands, LED-illuminated wristbands that can be controlled, en masse, via radio signal. Xylobands are doled out to concertgoers pre-show, turning the crowd into a gigantic and visually-controllable display. Here's what it looks like in action:


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