22 de junho de 2012

Cool Novel But Classic Spectacles Cool Radhika Seth

Brooks England uses up a lot of leather to make saddles and offcuts are inevitably generated. To make good use of this premium byproduct, designer Sukjin Moon turned them into fashionable Leather Spectacles. He first tried his hand with a small piece of folded leather structure, which was not too soft or strong. Apparently the leather structure with its strength is appropriate for framing glasses and is flexible enough to comfortably fit human faces.

Sukjin explains, “Ergonomics is an important factor considered when designing eyewear. Conventional eyewear made with plastic or steel is evolved into Leather Spectacles with the same craftsmanship used in making shoes.”

Leather Spectacles is crafted from Offcut Leather and thread and is be under commercial production by Brooks.

Designer: Sukjin Moon


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