12 de junho de 2012

Cool The Elegance in Making Tea Cool Radhika Seth

Be it the elegance of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, Chado or the exuberance of Gongfu cha followed by the Chinese; tea drinking and its brewing is an artform that not many can replicate. The Chai-Set by Mahsa Haddad gives you the liberty of creating your own tea ceremony. A style that can be exclusive and distinct to you alone! The elements consist of a beautiful stainless steel tea tray that doubles up as a warming platform. An elegant china teapot, with tea strainer and holder, cups, sugar bowl, milk jug, and a ceramic container for ancillaries like candles for the tea-warmer. I can already picture myself devising my own performance…I’ll be sure to invite you though!

Designer: Mahsa Haddad


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