24 de abril de 2012

Hot Top 10 Friendly Cat Breeds for Your House Cool Ali Qayyum

There are many different cat breeds which have evolved through the course of history through natural evolution as well as through the genetic engineering processes. Many new and evolved forms of cat breeds have been produced through the processes of selective breeding. So, below is the list of Top 10 Cat Breeds which would help in the selection of the particular cat that would suit your residential house environment.

10. Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold Cat Wallpaper Pictures 09 Top 10 Friendly Cat Breeds for Your House

This particular cat has a fold in the cartilage of its ear. Its gene mutation is the primary reason for this fold. The ears of this cat are bent towards the front side of the head which makes this cat look even more different and cute. This cat breed is also referred to as the lop-eared cat. The name of its breed was assigned to it in the year 1966.


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