3 de dezembro de 2011

Flotspotting: "E-Motion" E-Bike Concept by Stefan Reichert

Flotspotting: "E-Motion" E-Bike Concept by Stefan Reichert:


This week's edition of Flotspotting is a slick e-bike concept by Stefan Reichert, a German industrial design student who is six short months from completing his degree at the University of Wuppertal. Reichert recently worked with his classmates Sven Schulte-Tillmann and Arina Nechaeva on "E-Motion," a concept bike for German fitness & leisure company Kettler.

Developed to create a new way to make electric bikes more appealing and usable for younger people and getting rid of the stigma that an e-bike is made for old or handicapped, the e-motion electric bike concept was designed in an cooperation project with the German bike brand KETTLER at the University of Wuppertal.



You'll have to click through to his portfolio to read the text in the full-size images, but notable features include:

- Motor is integrated into bottom bracket shell

- Removable battery pack, which attaches discreetly along the downtube.

- Controls built into handlebars

- 8-speed internally geared hub

- Integrated front & rear lights