2 de novembro de 2009

What Is The Tube

What Is The Tube: "

Any Guesses? Ok the only clue is that it measures temperature, but then again what’s so special about The Tube! If you think you know the answer, leave me a message in the comments. Be honest about your guess though!

The Tube is a new phosphorescent thermometer that has been test used by 40 doctors; they of course give it a Thumbs-Up. The main aim of it is to be a user-friendly device, allowing visibility of the numbers in the dark. Essentially this means you needn’t switch on a night lamp just to check a patient’s temperature at night.

Designers: Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer For Design Quadro

Tube Infrared Thermometer With Phosphorescent Pigments by Murat Ozveri & Anil Dincer for Design Quadro