11 de novembro de 2009

Just What I Need For My iPhone

Just What I Need For My iPhone: "

For some odd reason, Apple has decided to keep the charging cord for the iPhone pretty short. When you compare it to the Nokia or Motorola chargers, the wire is a teeny-tiny tad! Not that long wires are a help, but either ways, you never are going to be happy with wire lengths! The solution lies in cool accessories like this MI-O Cell Phone Cradle. Keep the phone close enough to the socket and wrap the charger wire, neatly around the expandable wings! Happy Happy Wires!

How does it work?

  • Position device between electrical outlet and handset charger.

  • Insert charger cable into small opening on either side of platform to securely hold handset in place.

  • Coil charger cable around expandable wings on device base.

Designer: Cagnina Design [ Buy it Here ]

MI-O Cell Phone Cradle by Cagnina Design