19 de novembro de 2009

Affair With Notefolio

Affair With Notefolio: "

Most of my friends get all awestruck and goofy when they lay their hands on the latest netbooks. For me it’s always been an affair with notebooks and paper; a case of old habits dying hard, because I grew up using portfolios and paper books. Stationery essentials like the Notefolio are just my types. It’s a gamut of things: a handy recycled clipboard cover with a note book inside, a folder with an envelope for business cards; plus a strong rubber band that holds it all together. Apt for an Executive Assistant like me!

Designer: Poketo [ Buy it Here - $16 @ the Yanko Design Store ]


Notefolio - Notebook Portfolio by Poketo




Notefolio is available for $16 at the YD Store