9 de outubro de 2009

Curvy Bike


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via Yanko Design by Radhika Seth on 10/8/09

How would you re-define a bike? Tinker with it to get greater speed and performance? The curvy Hidemax Cycle is born out of the notion to enhance speed, functionality, looks, comfort, resistance and durability. In short it tries to address all major issues that bog a bicycle designer. Here's what it's got: adjustable height achieved by loosening the grip apparatus around the steering wheel. Instead of an up/down axis, the saddle of the bike can be adjusted to left/right through its 2 different joint points. The design includes Twins Shock Absorbers that are placed onto the back of the bicycle so that you can enjoy a bump-free ride!

Designer: Servet Yuksel

Hidemax Cycle by Servet Yuksel






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