22 de junho de 2009

Visual Treats


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via Yanko Design by Radhika Seth on 6/22/09

Yummy Tummy! But that ain't a phone you know; it's a digital menu card. Snooty waiters and stained-dog-eared menu cards in restaurants are two things that I detest and are a big let-down. Although I hear that some places in the Far East do have a digitalized menu card system, I'm sure it's not as sleek as this Aygness here. This one's got features like language options (good for tourists), image representation of dishes, direct order placement to the kitchen, and entertainment tools like news and restaurant trivia. It reminds me of the iPhone, but I'm gonna let that pass. Now only if this means no leaving hefty tips, then it's worth making a future reservation via this digital menu!

Designer: Yeli Tong



Aygness Digital Menu For Restaurants by Yeli Tong


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