25 de junho de 2009

Ten Things That Women Want


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I'm not testing the waters here and neither I'm some Sigmund Freud, but being a woman I think I can sum up some spectacular ID stuff that will appeal to my ilk.

An attempt to solve the mystery of "What Women Want"; Tough job but someone's got to do it. So it may as well be me!

10) Love Seat Toilet by Amigo Zhou


This loveseat loo screams fetish, but I'm sure it must appeal to some sections of the society. What can I say…I'm Monica I do crazy stuff!

9) Sciarpone by Sartoria Vico


This fashion statement merits mention on YD simply for its practical usage. The clever convertible sweater/scarf design made of 100% Merino wool is ideal for the fickle minded ladies, which I'm sure means ALL.

8 ) EIN/TRITT Shoe Concept by Catherine Meuter


Ok Jimmy Choo you can buy, but most women want the unattainable, like a pair of kitsch concept shoes.

7) Stolen Jewels by Mike and Maaike


Geeky Jewel Haven! Although on printed and scored leather, this kinda jewelry appeals for its exclusive one-of-a-kind manufacturing. Warning to men: Don't you dare think of replacing the diamonds with this!

6) Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen


Samsonite may not be LV, but when the luggage pieces are as elegant as this collection by Alexander McQueen, then who needs the big daddy!

5) Samsung SGH-E500 by Hyejeong Lee, Sooyoung Hwang, Sunyoung Lee & Jiyun Park


Women are not going to want this phone unless they can get their nails done the exact way as the models'. Kidding, but the elegant leather finish of this Sammy scores high in my eyes!

4) Killer Diamond Engagement Ring by Tobias Wong


I did warn you that Diamonds are a girls' best friend. So if you rub your woman the wrong way, do expect a Wong Punch from her! The razor-sharp diamond point in this ring is set to face upwards; wicked wicked!

3) Music Powered Vibrator by OhMiBod


Prudes please leave the room; the rest can carry on reading. Actually nothing much to say here! Like it or not, women do need the ultimate iPod acsexsory once in a while.

2) Technogym - Kinesis Personal Fitness Equipment by Antonio Citterio


Women often crib about their battle with the bulge and I think the most dreaded question to a man has to be; "Honey, am I looking fat in this?" Guys don't even think of answering affirmative to that question. If you feel she needs a workout, get her Kinesis Personal and say that you got it so that the two of you could workout together. If you say its only for her, then brace yourself for the Wong Punch!

1) Skin Jewelry by Ines de Castilho


Most men are going to label this as just waste of money, but trust me body art and temporary bling like this looks awesome. Although I haven't sampled Swarovski appliqués by Ines, I am captivated by their intricate patterns. Body art like this can make a women feel sexy and ALIVE!


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