25 de junho de 2009

Hang Me On A Stylish Hanger


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via Yanko Design by Radhika Seth on 6/25/09

The only variations I have seen on a hanger so far are the wood, plastic and metal ones. Oh not to forget the kiddies' delights that fleece us in the name of branding. The hotel variety that comes with clips ensures that you don't snitch any, but basically there's little innovation done in the hanger-world. That's till you get a load of the Stylish Hangers by Iota Designs. They look pretty and compliment those expensive suits that you own. USP is the expandable orange rubber ring, which is designed to create stability and the use of superior quality raw material.

Designer: Gordon Yeh for Iota Design



Stylish Hanger by Gordon Yeh for Iota Design


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