24 de junho de 2009

Everybody Mamba! with Bonus Crocodile!


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via Yanko Design by Chris Burns on 6/24/09

So what have we got here? Looks like a pretty neat chair and… a crocodile! What! Oh it's a chest. It's four chests! Made for children, painted green, textured on the sides to look like the lovely, cute animal from children's nightmare dreams. And then there's the chair! It's made of minimalism. It's black. It's made for private and public. Together they are pretty good friends from the same furniture set.

You've gotta check these two out. Notice that they're made by the same group: La Mamba. It's a strange design world we live in where a design group both works for several different clients as well as for their own portfolio. In that way, these Mamba design dancers make a set out of this crocodile chest and this "deconstructionism" chair, as they put it.

Take a peek! Then look at the rest of their wonderful furniturism on La Mamba's very own set of strangeties at their very own online portfolio supersite http://www.lamamba.es/

Designer: La Mamba








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